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I can feel both my heritage-nerdiness and video game-nerdiness stirring.

This one’s going to be great, folks.

4.01 // 4.02


Game of Thrones S04E02

The biggest twist in the episode. Yes, including that.


Hahaha fuck kids

All I can think of is that guy from Scrubs shouting “WHO AM IIIIIII?!?!?”

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They are an… odd pair.

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Either Emma and Regina are supposed to be the slow-burn romantic endgame of Once Upon a Time, or the show is operating from so foreign a perspective to my own I might as well spend the hour from 8pm to 9pm on Sundays with a soup pot over my head, sipping bourbon through a straw and singing Christmas Carols. Because COME ON.
Lily Sparks, The Jolly Roger review (x)


"If we do this, we do this my way"

Love that ‘Oh shit, I’ve just killed my student,’ look at the end there.

I want to reblog stuff about the Purple Wedding, but I also don’t want to spoil anyone who may not have seen it yet…


FORMER queen regent


Pedro Pascal is absolutely perfect as Oberyn.

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