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My firt visions when I discovered Mega Altaria : Sailor Mega Altaria !!

And then Boing-boing Mega Altaria xD !

Altaria’s name is the same in french *U* !

And thank you veryyyyyyyyy much for the support, especially for birds because they are so cool ‘U’, Merci beaucoup tout le monde !!!!

Fée et dragon ça doit faire mal ^^’

"to cast you down and take all that you hold dear”

Studio MIR blows my mind

The Fall of the Red Lotus


It has begun.

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Korra Book 3 finale is online right now!   These are some backgrounds from this season and some comps from the finale.  I did the paint. layout was most likely either Angela Sung or William Niu.


They are brothers after all!

  • LOK Fandom After Book 1: Jinora's pretty cool.
  • LOK Fandom After Book 2: Jinora is Jesus.
  • LOK Fandom After Book 3: JINORA IS AANG.